September 28th, 2009

kylexy - smile


just a few TV things. i could spoil you, i dunno.

I only watch The Vampire Diaries to see Ian Somerhalder.

I'm interested to see how FlashForward might melt my brain in a very LOSTesque way.

Mercy was pretty much crap on a stick. But I feel bad for Michelle Trachtenberg.

Can I have Dollhouse every night, please?

Grey's was sad. I will admit I shed a tear during all the scenes with George's mother. I am kinda pissed at Cristina, Alex, Izzie and Meredith. I think Izzie could have been a little more tactful with that girl, too.

I am so back in love with Smallville. I wanna smack Clark for not helping Chloe, but at the same time, I wanna pat him on the back for doing what is ultimately right.

Eastwick looks promising. At least I might be able to see Matt Dallas every week again.