Destany (bangaboomerang) wrote,

as serious as a bag of rottweilers

We've been rewatching The Middleman. Love this show. Stupid ABC Family.

Slacked off on the exercise and watching what I ate this week. I gained back 2 of the 6lbs I'd lost. Ah well. It was a holiday and my knees were aching. Moral of the story is even if my knees ache, I gotta keep pushing them or else I slack off too much. I have found myself lacking motivation lately *shrug*

Um...Glee. It's wonderful. I want more. We just watched the pilot last night and loved it. Can't wait until it premieres next week.

Anything else? Lucas starts school Wednesday.

I guess that's it.
Tags: abc family sucks, diet 2009, fangirl, glee, life, lucas, me, random tv

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